How to tackle misinformation online?

All partners of the SMaRT-EU project conducted participatory workshops in order to formulate top tips to counter misinformation and fake news online. This resulted in 8 tips for a broad target audience and 9 tips specifically for educators.

Recommendations for a broad target audience

1. Create strong passwords.

2. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Double check!

3. Never give any information away on unsolicited calls, texts, social media posts or emails. If in doubt, hang up and call the customer service number for yourself.

4. There are no stupid questions, reach out to friends, family members or professionals for advice.

5. Dare to question yourself and your own assumptions.

6. Check multiple sources.

7. Discuss the news and social media platforms within your family and with peers.

8. Help and advise others where you can.

Recommendations for educators.

1. Take your time to create relationships based on trust.

2. Help your audience to create strong passwords and talk about options like 2 step verification and password manager apps.

3. inform your audience about sensitive topics to increase their general knowledge, this can help in the prevention of fake news.

4. Try to practice digital skills and fact checking frequently .

4. Always stay respectful and have a questioning approach, remind the audience you work with that there are nu stupid questions.

5. Inform people about privacy online and the privacy settings on social media platforms.

6. Take away the mystery of the internet and take your time to explain the basics.

7. Try to find a balance between empowerment and protection. It is important to highlight the opportunities and the dangers of the online world.

8. Try out intergenerational activities, so that youngsters can empower elderly people and vice versa.

You can also discover the recommendations that resulted from Portugal’s final workshop.

Be towards fake news and misinformation.

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