Intergenerational Workshops

Innovative participatory workshops – Unveiling the role of social media in our societies

Can you please teach me how to make my own FB profile, but without being visible for the others? Can you help me with cookies? I would like to open my e-citizen profile. How hard is it? This is just a snapshot of the questions of the seniors as participants in the intergenerational workshops within our project.

SMART-EU has helped us gain a new perspective on the role that media and social networks have in the lives of elders and seniors and we see a huge need for lifelong learning programs focusing on disinformation. Our innovative approach brought seniors together with students and professionals to discuss and reflect on the role of social media in our societies in five countries.

Although our workshops have been organized around six different topics in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Estonia and Croatia we saw similar experience and challenges in reflecting on the topics connected with our project. It was challenging to tackle disinformation, social media and good manners, privacy in social media, the role and influence and influencers on English, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian, Dutch and Estonian language.

At the same time this project has provided space, support, and knowledge for our partner organizations on the local level, and we find this as of the corner stones for our sustainable and long-term cooperation in the future.

Look up for the testimonials of our participants in our next newsletter. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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