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Field Notes – ERYICA

The Workshops

The Luxembourgish team made use of its own network of youth workers and stakeholders to connect with professionals related to the MIL field. The organisation and celebration of the meetings wasn’t difficult due to our experience on leading and facilitating these kind of online events. However, we were not able to carry out an intergenerational focus group due to the lack of interaction with the local community in Luxembourg.

Something quite surprising for me was how difficult is nowadays for young people to carry out bureaucratic or administrative tasks due to the lack of skills to read and analyse long texts. The new content that is being created for generation Z could be much more appealing for them, but it doesn’t mean it would contribute to training other fundamental skills undoubtedly needed for their adult life. 

I think that running the Focus Groups face to face would have brought a more dynamic discussion among the experts. It is much easier to exchange ideas and opinions when interacting in the same room with the other participants.

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