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Intergenerational Tools for Social Media Resilience

Scroll through this showcase of our favourite tools from the project, chosen and explained by members of the SMaRT-EU Team

Intergenerational Workshops
The workshops were one of the most challenging outputs of the project and they provide food for thought in diverse aspects of media literacy and digital society.

"This is a truly multilingual tool and can be used with different end users, from the most to less skilled."
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YouTube News
Series of videos produced in collaboration with an Estonian influencer, that have the aim of demystifying and clarifying users about digital communication related subjects.

"These videos are dynamic and visually appealing. Furthermore, the fact that they have adopted a simple and informal language makes them useful materials to enlighten individuals of various ages on topics related to digital communication - such as fake news and disinformation and the role and work of influencers. In addition, these are good resources for promoting discussion and sharing among participants in intergenerational activities, as they get younger people excited about sharing their opinions and insights ,and make older people curious to learn more about the topics covered."
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The Guide on Disinformation and Social Media
Repository of materials for young and old people, educators and with an intergenerational approach. It brings together existing materials and others that have been created as an output of the project in diverse languages.

"This tool allows the aggregation of the various existing materials in the area, which can be used in different contexts and with different end users. In addition, it allowed us to understand the existing gaps that the project can fill."
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The project produced a series of multilingual booklets explaing key ideas in everyday language.

"I love how the topics are broken down into clear steps, they are very useable and can be adaptedd to a variety of circumstances"
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Being an Influencer
The video 5 Facts about being a freelance content creator is produced by an Estonian influencer and dispells some common misperceptions about the work of an influencer.

"All of the videos are great but this one in particular has sparked so many interesting conversations around what influencers do. Appearances can be very deceptive!"
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Intergenerational Focus Groups
Marju Himma-Kadakas (Tartu University) made a short video explaining what we learned from the intergenerational focus groups.

"I believe we really learned some new insights doing the intergenerational focus groups that are interesting for a diverse audience and Marju explains them very well in the video."
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B-Learning Course
The course provides some theoretical concepts, exercises and extra resources for professionals.

"The b-learning course gives the option of just learning some theoretical concepts or to explore further doing the exercises and exploring the extra resources. It’s a nice way to showcase what we have done in the project, while providing some extra frameworks"

"The whole course is clear, simple and straight to the point. It is a very useful tool to make the first acquaintance with the whole information disorder topic."
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Intergenerational Workshops
Intergenerational workshops were prepared on six different topics such as: disinformation and fake news, social media and good manners, the role and influence of influencers, privacy and digital footprint and digital citizenship. Furthermore in Croatia we managed to organized 10 face to face individual consultations for the seniors. These consultations were implemented by students of journalism and communication science.

"Even in the limited approach and restrictions due to COVID-19 we have managed to provide support and consultations for the seniors. The testimonials given by our students have emphasized the necessity of individual consultations as the most effective way for empowering seniors."
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Sustainable Future

How we are making SMaRT-EU sustainable and how you can get involved.

Field Notes

The SMaRT-EU team share their notes and experiences from the project.

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Know what some of our participants think about SMaRT-EU’s activities and learnings.

Highlights and Results

Multilingual feedback from our partners explaining their highlights, results and best practices from the project.

The Guide

Information and resources for young people, older people, educators and intergenerational groups to navigate and understand disinformation and social media.

The Course

A course for educators who work with both young people and older people. It gives a comprehensive grounding in ways to determine what is trustworthy information, and how we can equip groups we work with to make the distinction.

The Workshops

These activities promote learning by doing, providing ‘third space’ workshops on fake news, critical agency for social media and media for civic agency on a local level for young people and older people.

The Videos

In collaboration with the Estonian influencer and journalist Keili Sükijainen we produced three media and information literacy videos that can be used as an intergenerational learning tool.

Glossary of Resources

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